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"Treat your body like it's the one thing that is YOURS, Something you can mold and transform and NEVER have it taken away from YOU. Why would you settle to let your body be anything LESS than it's BEST.

Lacey Byrd FOUNDER

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On October 17, 2016 I had my back surgery due to herniated disc on L4/L5.  The pain on my left leg was unbearable.  I lost strength and muscles on my left leg up to and even after my surgery……..READ MORE


I would recommend Lacey to anyone serious about transforming their life. Lacey helped me change my diet, change my water intake, and, most impressive, lose 10 lbs of giggly fat. She incorporated some tough workouts,but with her motivation, I was able to toughen up and get through it…. READ MORE 



“Almost a year and a half ago, I met Lacey in one of the lowest points in my life. I was dealing with a handful of personal issues including just being finished with an eating disorder treatment program. Over the course of 2014 to 2015, I gained 30 pounds. READ MORE…. 


Nothing lasting happens over night! “I met Lacey around Jan 2015. I came to her wanting to change my lifestyle after fighting an eating disorder and after having many personal self image issues. I was so self conscious about my body that I was even afraid  to wear a tank top. Read More… 


Alicia Greenburg

My 10-week fitness journey with Lacey started New Year’s Day. While walking into my apartment complex on day 1 of 2017 I bumped into Lacey’s husband (also my neighbor) who asked the quintessential question, “What are your goals for the New Year?” I answered, “Actually I was thinking about talking to your wife about training with her.”  Without hesitation READ MORE….

Alicia Greenburg


When I met Lacey I wanted to be fit. I wasn’t looking to lose weight but I was looking to get stronger. Running a couple days a week wasn’t enough for me and I wanted more.

Lacey was exactly what I needed. I went in thinking that I was doing a good job at eating and thinking that I wasn’t as out of shape as most people. Well, that was not the case…. READ MORE. 

Christie Pickering

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  Sunfood Super Foods Moringa Raw Vegan Coconut wraps I found these tasty coconut wraps at Jimbo’s and absolutely fell in love with them. I don’t usually eat wraps because its difficult to find one that is good quality but since I found these, they have been a regular lunch for me. They are raw, […]

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                                                   Here we are, almost 2 full weeks into 2018. The holiday season is officially over and most of us approached January 1st as a clean slate, feeling motivated to start fresh on the path towards our goals after spending the past 3 months in a nutritional and fitness downward spiral that we […]

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What can protein do for you?

   Do you know how much  protein you should be consuming on a daily basis?  Well I’m here to help clarify some of the questions you may have that surface during any nutrition or fitness related conversation. Whether your active or inactive proteins plays a major role in your overall health.    Our bodies musculature […]

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