What can protein do for you?


 Do you know how much  protein you should be consuming on a daily basis?

 Well I’m here to help clarify some of the questions you may have that surface during any nutrition or fitness related conversation. Whether your active or inactive proteins plays a major role in your overall health. 

  Our bodies musculature are made of proteins, put together into fine strands called myofibrils, that have been comprised of essential amino-acids and pep tide chains to form different bonds within our muscle tissue. Every time we exert energy our bodies contracts its myofibrils and is constantly breaking and reforming bonds. This is exactly where protein comes in the picture, it helps to heal those broken bonds at a molecular level so our muscle will continue to be healthy and strong.


How much protein should you consume? * SEE CHART BELOW

These numbers are approximate but gives a clear indication of what is necessary. 


Proteins are the only source of food that are continually being metabolized through our digestive system and are not stored for energy. Carbohydrates and Fats are the most important when it comes to energy. Proteins are everywhere in our bodies, our nails, hair, skin and muscles and are found in different foods such as:





Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Fish, Beef, Eggs




 Lentils, Garbanzo Beans,  Black beans, Pinto beans, Kidney beans, and many more foods.


Spinach, Green peppers, Broccoli, Cali flower, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts,  are all high in protein.  

Meal Replacements 


The last topic I have here on this page is meal replacement. This is also a valid option to increasing your daily intake if you struggle like most of american’s to get the required amount of protein in their body. It can be hard to have all your meals cooked and prepared for the entire week while your having to travel for work, take the kids here and there and other activities that can distract you from your health.

What many have found to work is to grab a snack bar, or a meal supplement shake. Making sure that you are munching on something that is beneficial to your body.  It is YOUR body, YOU only have one. Treat it with the respect it deserves!

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