Glutes that Salute


This 6 week program is designed to work each muscle individually and together, adding fullness and firmness to your buns. Not only does this program help with the “look” of your butt, it helps with functionality and creates more stability for your lower back.

This program is meant to be added to your current fitness program. You will be doing 2 days per week of glute work. The first day is more focused on building size and strength while the second day focuses more on shaping and defining.  

When building muscle, it is important your nutrition is where it should be and you are getting enough protein to feed the muscles as well as enough carbohydrates to utilize as energy so that the muscles are not being used for energy. If you are unsure about your nutrition check out my personalized nutrition program. 


The “Glutes” are comprised of three different muscles:

1. The Gluteus Maximus

2. Gluteus Medius,

3. Gluteus Minimus


 Each of these muscles plays a vital role in building that nice tight, round, lifted look. In other words, these muscles account for size, width and depth of the glutes. In order to have the full package, you need build each muscle.

 Program Benefits 

  •  Shaping                                                                    
  • Correcting Posture                                          

  • Reduce Lower Back Pain                             

  •  Defining