Does it work for weight-loss?

Does it work for weight loss? 

Hello, and welcome to my nutritional and fitness related blog! My name is Lacey Byrd Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I am here to talk to you about what can work for weight-loss and what doesn’t.

1. Weight-Loss Supplements 

Do weight loss supplements help with weight loss?

First, take a look at your mindset and  expectations when entering into a weight loss journey. Ask yourself what are your realistic goals, and how long your are willing to take in order to accomplish those? When it comes to weight loss supplements public health studies have demonstrated that about 20% of drug related liver injuries that result in hospital visits can be attributed to dietary supplements. Many weight loss supplements can elevate heart rate causing hypertension and for those already experiencing blood pressure problems it is not a good idea to be taking such supplements. At this time FDA does not regulate any supplements that are on the marketplace. Investigations are made only if problems arise.

Conclusion: Knowing your blood pressure and learning basic knowledge about the different products your taking is highly recommended. (USE WITH CAUTION)  Go with something more natural, that has no artificial enhancers or flavors added.

2. Intermittent Fasting 

Does intermittent fasting help with weight loss?

One of the things that people think is “If I don’t eat then I will lose weight”. Seems about right, right? Not at all, we were given food for fuel to keep us active and to energize us when we need it. Your metabolism is so important and when you start to keep your body guessing when it’s going to get food next there can be a point where your body starts to store more calories then necessary. Think about a starving child, when they see food they just scarf it down, not knowing when their next meal is going to be, which is exactly what your metabolism is thinking.

Conclusion: Eating a nutritious breakfast with around 30 grams of protein 30-40 grams of Carbs and 15-20 grams of fat is ideal to start your metabolism off. Obviously not everyday is perfect and we are constantly on the go so meal supplements or healthy snack bars are good alternatives. Intermittent fasting can work but it needs to be planned out and should not be a regular thing, once a week is good for weight loss. If you need directions on how to do so let me know.

3. Probiotics 

Do probiotics help with weight loss?

Probiotics are found in Greek  yogurt, milk and naturally within  our guts. Probiotics are important in helping with proper bowel movements and keeping our intestinal tract clean. Two recent studies in the British Journal of Nutrition and the other in the International Journal of Obesity found links to (same as or similar microorganisms found naturally in the gut) and weight loss. Through this research there has been proven to be a 5-8% decrease in overall visceral fat over a 12 week period.

Conclusions: Probiotics are not the magic bullet to fat loss but making sure your GI clean of any harmful bacteria is so important. Consuming Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese is a wonderful thing for your diets, containing high contents of proteins and probiotics.

4. Sugar Substitutes 

Does sugar substitutes help with weight loss?

The smell of those perfectly baked pies fresh out of the oven, the taste of warm brownies out of the oven. You can never seemed to get enough of them. But having general food knowledge will make you think twice about the decisions you take before digging these “tasty” foods. So lets break this down very easily for you. Organic sugar cane by itself can boost your insulin level when turns food into energy, if that energy is not used, it is stored into fat.

Conclusion: There are great benefits for sugar substitutes in certain settings, let me explain. When your just sitting around the house (not using your energy) a sugar substitute would be recommended in your drinks and to be used as a general sweetener. Now when it comes to after an exercise the best type of sugar to restore blood sugar levels would be pure organic sugar cane or honey. This immediately replaces the glucose lost during strenuous exercise bringing your back to homeostasis. Great overall!

5. Hot Exercise 

Is Hot Exercise helpful for weight loss?

It started with “Hot Yoga” then started to take root in hot weightlifting, hot cycling, and hot pilates. The more your sweating the harder your working, increasing your internal body heat is.

Conclusion: Yes increasing temperature does help with weight loss, but let me explain a few things you most know before thinking the only thing you need to do is increase the temperature of the room while exercising. So if you were to weigh yourself after a “hot” class you will have lost weight but water, knowing true weight loss is in body percentage of fat loss not the amount of water lost. Overall taking classes such as these help with weight loss just make sure to stay hydrated with a great electrolyte replacement.

6. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

For years there have been so many thoughts thrown around about low intensity workouts for a long period of time to maximize weight loss. While this may be true there are other forms of exercise that can maximize weight loss while maintaining muscle mass and not wearing your joints and ligaments out.

Conclusions: HIIT is critical for those who really want to lose weight, one huge benefit to HIIT is increased metabolism which is something we talked about in section 2. Just know this is all relative for your experience levels, age, physical limitations, and goals you have set. YES IT WORK!!!

I personally want to thank you for looking at this blog, It brings me great pleasure knowing that this can possibly help transform your life if taken and applied. Understanding health and nutrition can be a lifestyle not just a phase of life,  this is what people desperately need to understand during these times in America.

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