Food Finds Of The Week


Sunfood Super Foods Moringa Raw Vegan Coconut wraps

I found these tasty coconut wraps at Jimbo’s and absolutely fell in love with them. I don’t usually eat wraps because its difficult to find one that is good quality but since I found these, they have been a regular lunch for me. They are raw, vegan, paleo, gluten free and they have such a light flavor and texture to them that is perfect for a lunch on the go.



Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf Herbal Tea

Having a good tea on hand is great for curbing a late night sweet tooth. This tea tastes just like a glazed lemon loaf and leaves you going to bed with the sensation of just having had dessert.




Amazing Grass Green Superfood Energy

I found this treat at Sprouts and let me tell you… it is amazing!! You just mix it with water and you have your greens for the day and the flavor is delicious. I like to make a serving of it before I go workout because it gives me so many vitamins and antioxidants giving me energy and it makes me feel GREAT!!




Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins

These Almond crackers have quickly become one of my favorite crackers to munch on. They are crunchy, light and pair perfectly with the coconut wraps. The serving size is 17 crackers; however, I usually am good with about 8-10.




Urban Accents Meatball seasoning

Last, but certainly not least is my personal favorite. These meatball seasonings by Urban Accents are incredible. Turkey meatballs are my favorite dinner right now because they are quick and simple and and taste great. With meatballs, the seasoning is everything and I must say… these seasonings got game!

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