Online Personalized Coaching

What is online personalized coaching? 


    Your body is a visual representation of the lifestyle that you live. If you want to change your body, you have to change your lifestyle. Through my experience over the years, working with hundreds of women from all walks of life with different goals and hurdles I have come to the realization that women carry a lot of emotion with their weight.

   Many women feel like they are not in control of their weight and they feel like the more they try to lose the weight, the more they gain and the more discouraged they get. I have witnessed so many women try to make a drastic lifestyle change overnight with weight loss being the end goal and what is the result most of the time? They revert right back to their old ways after 2 weeks, a month or even six months because will power gave out.

   My goal is to give you the tools and understanding to make a lasting change and develop a lifestyle you can maintain. Having me right by your side during your journey, you receive motivation, guidance, education and accountability. You will receive personalized workouts every week that are broken down and easy for you to understand as well as you will be in constant contact with me along the way. 

How does it work?


    After purchasing one of the Online Training program below (either 8, 16 or 24 weeks) I receive a notification confirming your payment. I will reach out to you within 24 hours and schedule a consultation call to get to know you and your goals (strength, weight loss, definition, performance etc.) and create a personalized plan for you.

Next, we complete our initial consultation call and get you started, you will send me your before pictures (front, side and back) as well as your beginning weight. After I get your beginning pictures and weight, I will send you your first  week of personalized workouts. 

Once a week, we will have a check in call where we discuss how the week went and discuss and weaknesses or difficulties you had and come up with strategies to overcome them for the next week. Every week I will send you the next week of workouts and you will send me your progress photos (front, side and back) as well as your weight.    My GOAL is to give you the tools and understanding that you need to be able to make a lasting change and create a LIFESTYLE that you can MAINTAIN.

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