Personalized Nutrition

Importance of Nutrition 

Understanding your nutrition is so vitally important. Do you know how many calories you eat in a day? Do you understand how to accurately approximate portion sizes of different foods.


I know at first when I started I had no  clue about Macro-Nutrients and Nutritional time. When to eat? What to eat? How much to eat?It  all can be confusing. But with this guide I will help to break down the does and don’ts of nutrition. 

Understanding  our bodies are machines that are constantly burning through the energy sources we feed it. Those sources most often come from Sugars and Carbs which is our #1 source for energy. Now we do not want to overdue the amount we consume, which is exactly why I created this program to educate and help  you understand how much to eat and why we are even eating in the first place. 

After this program you will: 

  1. Have a better understanding of healthy portion sizes
  2. Am what I’m eating helping or hindering me in my fitness goals. 
  3. Nutritional timing. (When you should consume food
  4. What types of food are good and also important to have.
  5. Have a better relationship with food itself and understanding what some of your triggers are to increase appetite. 
  6. Nutritional Accountability making sure you are on track with your goals and staying true to what you say. 


Check out our Personalized Nutrition Plan that will help you make the educated decision on what is right and not what you guess is good for you.