Alicia Greenburg

Alicia last 15 lbs and was MOTIVATED to continue a healthier lifestyle!


My 10-week fitness journey with Lacey started New Year’s Day. While walking into my apartment complex on day 1 of 2017 I bumped into Lacey’s husband (also my neighbor) who asked the quintessential question, “What are your goals for the New Year?” I answered, “Actually I was thinking about talking to your wife about training with her.” Without hesitation he led me to their apartment and said “Well let’s ask her now.”

After a casual chat with her we set up an appointment to sit down to talk about my current eating and fitness habits and how I want to change my body. She quickly got to know my tendency to think too far ahead and get overwhelmed by long-term goals. One of the many fitness gems I learned from Lacey is to take small steps to achieve those bigger goals. She echoed what I already knew from my 10-year recovery of drugs and alcohol, “Take it one day at a time.” By taking it one day at a time and following every bit of direction from my new fitness guru I was able to take a well-deserved break from my coffee addiction and built a better beverage habit by drinking a gallon of water a day. Each week we built upon my smaller goals and they soon added up to a handful of mind, body and life changes.
Today working out 5-6 days a week comes easy to me compared to dreading just 2-3 days 10-weeks ago. Eating fruit and protein shakes are sweeter than FroYo and so-called healthy trail mix with chocolate chips used to be. I turned 43 during my time with Lacey, with her guidance I accomplished my teenage dream of defined abs. As our 10-weeks were coming to a close my mind once again jumped to the future, I asked with fear “What am I going to do after this, I’m scared of going backwards.” Her response, “The motivation is all you. I don’t want you to become dependent on me, you got this.” Having confidence and believing in myself wasn’t on my list of goals when we first spoke. She seemed to slip that in without words, but rather with actions she led me to want to do. As I take my final 10-week progress photo I know this is just the beginning of leading a life filled with confidence to set new goals and little by little achieve them all. Thank you Lacey-your passion for health and fitness and believing in me is the greatest gift of 2017.