When I met Lacey I was in a place of wanting to get fit. I wasn’t looking to lose weight but I was looking to get stronger. Running a couple of miles a couple of days a week wasn’t enough for me and I wanted more.

Lacey was exactly what I needed. I went in thinking that I was doing a pretty good job at eating and thinking that I wasn’t as out of shape as most people. Well, that was not the case. I could hardly do anything the first week and the pain. Wow, I had to roll out of bed the day after she trained me and then I was to go on a run. At first I thought she was crazy but she knew what she was doing. I went from rebellion in my mind of wondering if I could really do this to really enjoying it. The runs after the work outs started to feel amazing.

Healthy eating is a way of life now and I do enjoy it. I like the way I feel. I can feel the effects that Gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol have on my body almost immediately. I don’t crave it as much as I use too.

These 10 weeks have changed my mindset about what healthy looks like. Healthy for me looks like waking up to run before I go to work and being in-charge of the day, instead of waking up and letting the day rule me. I have become more productive, active, positive, confident and I feel like I am becoming a better and happier person.

The results and how I feel after 10 weeks is amazing. I didn’t know or think that I would get as far as I did. I was ecstatic to run 7 miles for the fist time last week and then this last Sunday (unfortunately I didn’t know that I had hurt my ankle before I ran) I ran 10 miles I was shocked and then I saw what I ran it in!!! 10 miles right under 8min miles. Wow!!! I am no longer a skinny fat girl. I am fit and I am excited to see where this will take me. Unfortunately I won’t get to do the rock and roll marathon this Sunday but I am determined that I will indeed do one. Getting fit is not going to end, it is going to be the way I live. Lacey, just got me a huge jump-start into a life that I have wanted and that we all deserve. I am going to go right into their boot camp that will start this next week and get to know others in the community that are choosing to actively get fit and be

fit!!! Life is a journey and I want to be as healthy as I can be in mind and also in body!!!