“Almost a year and a half ago, I met Lacey in one of the lowest points in

my life. I was dealing with a handful of personal issues including just being finished w

ith an eating disorder treatment program. Over the course of 2014 to 2015, I gained 30 pounds. I stepped into the gym for the first time in a year attempting to do some TRX work and after a couple of minutes, I was close to fainting. I walked into the gym and sat down in the first seat I saw, which was in front of Lacey at the personal training center. She saw my physical state and immediately jumped in to help me. We got to talking about everything going on in my life and she told me she could promise to help me reach my goals. I needed someone’s support in this way so I immediately signed up with her. I credit most (if not all) my physical and emotional growth to her guidance. Every workout session with her (3x a week) was an opportunity to make myself better not matter how much I wanted to give up and make excuses. Her tough love but supportive attitude pushed me in way I’ve never been pushed before. She understood what I needed physically and emotionally and made sure to guide me every step of the way. She also gave me so much help with food, which was my biggest obstacle. She was there for me every step of my journey, even after we stopped training. Lacey is dedicated and passionate about her clients. My training went on for a year and a half. I hit my physical goal and I continue to exceed my own expectations because of the foundation that Lacey helped me build mentally and physically. Lacey is hilarious, silly, and sweet but when it’s time to get down to business, it’s no joke. I’m so thankful for her investment of time in my life” Such an amazing transformation. I’m so proud of this girl right here. It has been an incredible journey to be a part of with many ups and downs…

From 160lbs at 33% body fat to 132lbs and 23% body fat and still going!