Nothing lasting happens over night! “I met Lacey around Jan 2015. I came to her wanting to change my lifestyle after fighting an eating disorder and after having many personal self-image issues. I was so self-conscious about my body that I was even afraid  to wear a tank top. After training with Lacey she not only taught me how to manage my meals and how to train, but she also helped me with insecurities. Every time we met she would ask me, “Is today the day you’re wearing your tank top?!” Or “where’s that tank top at today?!”. Finally the day came where I wore my tank top and haven’t stopped since!  Lacey didn’t just teach me workout circuits but she taught me to have confidence within myself. She taught me to always push forward and never give up even if I took a step back on my fitness goals. She would tell me, “you don’t want to skinny, you want to be fit. Being fit takes time and hard work.” I admire her in so many ways. She definitely has had a huge impact on my fitness journey; my fitness lifestyle”.