Vanessa lost 20lbs and gained her confidence back!


Here goes my journey! My name is Vanessa, I grew up in a Hispanic family with a mom that could cook up some delicious plates! In my childhood I was always bigger than your average size. My mom always had to shop for clothes in catalogs for Husky children. I was always made fun of in school and had no friends. Food was my comfort. There was no limit at the dinner table.
My eyes were bigger than my stomach. It wasn’t until I started high school I began to lose a few pounds only because physical education was mandatory. Once I started to see results I tried to eat better.

Out of high school my weight and appearance was always a struggle. I always told myself that I never wanted to go back to being overweight anymore. I tried everything! I ran 4 to 5 miles every day, diet pills, I had surgery to remove excess skin from the waist I had lost, I did weird fasts where I wouldn’t eat for 30 days, only liquids, I did workout videos, (yes good old Brazilian butt lifts), I did group exercise classes in the gym, StairMaster with sweat suits on, Barre classes, I did multiple body fat test because I was obsessed with dropping my body fat percentage, I logged my food in the fitness pal app, worked out every day, half marathons and one full Marathon. It was exhausting…..
I am very proud of my accomplishments. My friend Cecilia helped me reach goals that I never thought I would such as running a half and full Marathon but I was searching for more..

One day I was leaving Orangetheory Fitness in noticed a new gym opening in my area. I stopped by and thought this is what I need to change up my workout routine! I ended up meeting one of the most down-to-earth, most outstanding trainer I had ever met. Lacey was so focused on listening to me, my story, and helping me change my lifestyle without having to be in the gym for hours and hours like I used to.
What I really like about Lacey is right off the bat she told me she was wasn’t going to give me some miracle diet because diets are not in everyday lifestyle. She had me write down everything that I ate. With this information, she made slight changes every week that were easy to do. She taught me to find other hobbies besides munching everything in the  house on Sundays and working out like crazy.

I’ve learned that we eat to nourish our bodies. Sounds easy but it was something that I obviously struggled with. I’ve learned to enjoy my workouts and enjoy the process. She has taught me to focus on what’s in front of me and not about the end of my eight weeks. I thought it would take years to see the results and seeing changes in my flabby ABS. Lacey assured me that with proper eating, when to eat, proper form in my workouts, and focus I would see results in a few weeks. She was right! I am seeing results quicker than ever! I enjoy my food now and meal prepping has become a must. When I do eat a bad meal, I know how my body responds to it. I feel in tune with my body now… 31 years later. My workouts are effective and with proper form now.

Lacey has changed my life in my everyday habits and I thank you for helping push me to new goals!