Healthy Foundation



This 8 week program is for beginners and is designed to help you create a healthy foundational lifestyle progressing you each week. All of the workouts are 30 minutes to 1 hour long and can be done from wherever you are.

This program is ideal for those women who want to get healthy but don’t want to go the gym, don’t have the time or simply just don’t know where to begin their journey. These 8 weeks are meant to create a routine and a healthy lifestyle that gives your body everything that it needs on a weekly basis without losing too much time.


Goal of this program:

  1. Develop a maintainable fitness routine

  2. Increase cardiovascular health

  3. Build lean muscle

  4. Shred fat

  5. Build your confidence


For optimal results use with Lacey Byrd’s  Personalized Nutrition Program 


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